Luxury Gaming

Meet Our Team

Our team will meet with you to understand your vision, your passion, and your dream. No other company in the world has the team of mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, craftsmen and designers to bring your vision, your passion and your dream – to life.

Our poker and gaming tables are custom built from the ground up. When you work with Luxury Gaming, the end result is a table that can be found no where else on earth.

What do we mean by Play with Passion?

The Boston-based, highly-skilled team at Luxury Gaming is a unique one, with members from all different areas of expertise ranging from engineering to construction to CAD design. The majority of the team dates back through decades of friendship, and the dynamic is like no other.

What started out as a hobby between close friends, LG now serves high profile clients such as the DropKick Murphys, Seether, Dana White & Caesars Interactive Entertainment (World Series of Poker) ….to name a few.

Time For A Change

Aside from being the only company like it in the world, what sets Luxury Gaming apart from other companies is the passion that the team has for what they do.

Like, go-on-a-45-hour-ride-to-Vegas-to-deliver-a-table – passion.

Like , work-for-48-hours-without-sleep-to-perfect-a-project – passion.

The team is not only skilled at their respective crafts, but they are able to add humor and playfulness to the very serious work that they do.

The team’s goal is transform the gaming industry and get a custom gaming tables in the hands of the world’s largest poker players, celebrities and the like.

Brian Dalmaso

Owner, designer, carpentry and wood fabrication

Jim Bourque

Principal designer, carpentry and wood fabrication

Bernard Lee

Marketing consultant, Poker professional

Charles Bagg

Principal Electronics Engineer/AV

Jeff Smart Sr

Metal sculptor, painting specialist, wood fabrication

Becky Bourque

Mechanical Engineer

Courteney Briscoe

Graphic artist, vinyl art specialist

Jeff Smart Jr (Boy)

Kimberly Smart