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Jim Bourque

Principal designer, carpentry and wood fabrication

Working in the Opto-mechanical engineering department of a leading company in light-based aesthetic medical treatment systems. Working closely with R & D, manufacturing, machine shop and marketing to optimize design, to reduce cost and to ensure target dates are met. Proficient in Solidworks 2017, Omnify, Excel and various lab software. Working with a team of engineers, Him Bourque helped to design and development military radar, tracking and communication antennas and subsystems under strict military requirements. Utilized Autodesk Inventor in the design and development of various prototype and production units. Being one of the first employees in a small engineering firm, he was able to develop skills encompassing every aspect of product development from conceptualizing and prototyping, to manufacturing and final production. He assisted with the design and development of projects listed below utilizing Solidworks. Drafted detailed drawings from verbal to written instructions utilizing AutoCAD release 14 and Benchmark 7 on various types of plans to include Preliminary, Definitive, As-Built Subdivisions and Conservation Plans.