Luxury Gaming

Brian Dalmaso

Owner, designer, carpentry and wood fabrication

Brian’s experience began in the mechanical engineering industry and progressed within the home design & construction industry. He spent the first 10 years of his career at the General Electric Company in the engineering department of the Navy & small steam turbine division. After the closing of GE’s Fitchburg plant in 1988, Mr. Dalmaso furthered his experience & education and started BMK Associates Inc in 2000; a residential design & build company. Upon realizing the rewarding experience of designing & building homes, Brian decided to pursue home design and construction as a full time endeavor, leaving the mechanical engineering field.

Brian’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to create Luxury Gaming Inc; our custom themed, high end gaming table company. What started out as a hobby between Brian and his close friends, LG now serves high profile clients such as the DropKick Murphys, Seether, Dana White & Caesars Interactive Entertainment (World Series of Poker) to name a few.

Brian’s goal is to transform the gaming industry and get a custom gaming table in the hands of the world’s largest poker players, celebrities and the like.